What You Need to Know About CBD Oil (Cannabis Oil)

For more than two decades, scientist and other research specialists have been carrying out extensive studies on marijuana to determine its use as a medicine. Consequentially, we’ve heard ingredients such as THC in marijuana, which gets people high. However, attention has shifted majorly to another compound known as CBD (cannabidiol) for good reasons. In this post, we will give you crucial facts about CBD oil found in cannabis.

It’s not psychoactive

CBD oil does not make a user feel high like its THC variant. Though this makes it a poor choice for those who want to get high, it has invaluable benefits in medicine. It means that its significant chemical advantage can be exploited and administered to patients with minimal risks of side effects. CBD oil does not act in the same way as THC. It does not use the CB1 receptors, which are responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana in the brain.

It is used to control cigarette addiction

A study done on 24 smokers who were required to use placebo and CBD oil each time they felt an urge to smoke revealed that those who used CBD had significant drop in the number of cigarettes they smoked each day compared to their counterparts. CBD oil inflicts a counteractive effect on nicotine. This points towards need for cannabinoids in managing withdrawal and addiction problems among cigarette smokers.

It’s a major cannabis ingredient

Cannabis has over 60 compounds belonging to a particular class of molecules known as cannabinoids. Alongside THC, CBD is among the ingredients present in the highest concentrations in cannabis. Also, it is far the most recognized and studied ingredient. The amount of CBD and THC vary in different plants. Marijuana meant for recreation contains more of THC than CBD.

It’s good for post-traumatic stress disorder

Those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder are often overwhelmed with stress alongside anxiety. Luckily, such patients can find relief because a single puff or sip of CBD oil has a huge impact on managing post-traumatic stress. It has a chain of chemicals known to combat the drastic effects of anxiety. It slows the rate at which the mind processes things and the rate at which the brain coordinates with the heart. In the end, a patient will slow everything down and get calmer.

It’s capable of reducing the negative effects of THC

CBD oil carries a natural protector against the unpleasant effects of marijuana laden with THC substance. A number of studies suggest that this drug has the capability to reduce the intoxicating effects of THC in marijuana. Such intoxicating effects could include memory loss, depression or paranoia. However, both ingredients have no risk of extreme overdose.

It can treat cancer

Rick Simpson oil and other types of cannabis oil can treat cancer. Rick Simpson, a Canadian cannabis enthusiast claims that he cured himself of metastatic skin cancer using high-quality helm oil, which is currently branded as Simpson oil. According to Simpson, well-blended high-quality cannabis oil is capable of treating a number of diseases including but not limited to HIV, cancer, leukemia, stress, insomnia and diabetes.

CBD oil is illegal in some countries

Looking at the CBD oil legal status, most doctors and patients feel quite disheartened. Despite the huge benefits associated with CBD oil (Simpson oil included), it is still illegal in most countries. Some countries like US legalize CBD oil on two dimensions. First, they consider whether it is in the form of industrial hemp or not. Second, they consider if it is from marijuana. CBD oil from marijuana is illegal in most states in US.

Cannabis oil Dosing Advice

Whether you are already using cannabis oil or contemplating getting one, we have an important advice for you. Use mouth ingestion to introduce the drug into your system. Tack the dosage on your lower lip gums and wait for it until it dissolves. Never take a dosage that is not recommended by your doctor or a specialist. If you are using Simpson oil, start with three doses each day spread within an eight-hour interval. Adhering to these dosage instructions will bring good results within a short time. I believe that an informed customer is a happy one, and that is why we are here to help you make informed decisions.